Situation Overview

Idleb, a strategic region encompassing areas like Jisr al-Shughour, Ariha, and Jabal al-Zawiya, has recently experienced intensified shelling and hostilities. The random shelling reached the border areas, which are more than 70 km away from the lines of contact. The bombardment continues for the third day targeting more than 61 cities and villages in Idlib and Aleppo.

The shelling resulted in the displacement of 78,709 IDPs, more than 53 deaths (men 27 – women 11 – children 15), and more than 303 wounded (men 183 – women 54 – children 66). UOSSM provided urgent health services to 81 injured people through its health facilities, 40 cases were transported through UOSSM ambulances.

UOSSM provided the hospitals with medical supplies and provided helpline services related to MHPSS, in addition, activating two mobile clinics.

Hostilities in Idlib





Targeted Facilities


Internal Displaced


Huda's Story

Every moment was critical, and time was running out… Yasser and Abdullah, members of the Emergency Ambulance and Referral System, operated and supported by UOSSM, needed to transport 4-year-old Huda, who was just injured by shrapnel from a bomb, in her face, hands, and feet. More shells were targeting the city of Ariha, one landing just 200 meters from the ambulance. Abdullah and Yasser managed to move Huda quickly from a medical point where she received initial emergency care. Her condition was critical and needed to be transported to a more advanced hospital capable of providing her with the medical care required to save her life. She would need complete examinations of her brain, skull, and vital organs. Huda was put on the stretcher, shocked by her injuries, partially unconscious.

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Our Services

Mobile Clinics

Health Facilities

Food Items and Drinking Water

Wash and Hygiene Kits

Major Surgeries

Blood Units

Dialysis Sessions

Minor Surgeries

Diagnostic Investigations


Ambulance Services

Shelters and NFIs



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Health Facility Needs



Medical supplies are urgently needed to save-lives in hospitals and primary health centres receiving the wounded affected by the ongoing bombing. Immediate stock prepositioning to ensure availability of drugs and supplies, surgical kits, medical first aid supplies and essential life-saving drugs.

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Ambulance & Referral Vehicles



Ambulances play a vital role in safe and timely transportation for patients to hospitals, in addition to providing first aid, which contributes to life-saving. It is necessary to support ambulances with medical consumables, fuel, maintenance, and replacement of old ambulances with new ones for timely and effective response.

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Mental Health & Psychosocial Support



Syrians suffer from emotional and psychological trauma as a result of the loss of their relatives, which creates an urgent need to provide them with psychosocial support.

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Community Health & Nutrition



Several populations were displaced far from their homes to save their lives to temporary camps, where they are in an urgent need to medical or non-medical needs, such as food and personal hygiene kits, in addition to raising awareness to prevent the spread of diseases among them.

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Relocation of Health Facilities



Health facilities and health personnel are considered most vulnerable to bombing during the hostile operations carried out by the Syrian regime and the Russian Air Force. This creates the need to move these facilities and personnel to safer areas, which requires securing housing for displaced personnel and securing the cost of transporting medical equipment.

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Who Are We

UOSSM (Union des Organisations de Secours et Soins Médicaux) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO) that provides medical aid and healthcare services to those affected by crises in Syria and other countries. UOSSM was established in 2012 in France, Paris.

The organization provides quality health services by operating medical facilities and emergency medical care, including trauma care and surgery. Its primary operations are in areas affected in Syria. UOSSM supports primary healthcare, mental health, and maternal and child health services. In addition, UOSSM conducts medical training programs and advocacy efforts to raise awareness about the medical needs of the Syrian people.

In the Syrian Mission, in parallel and in addition to the emergency response to the floods, regular activities and ordinary health services still occur. In fact, during 2022, UOSSM’s operated facilities provided nearly 1.5 M services (1,436,046 services)

UOSSM International (Paris)

66 Avenue des Champs Elysées 75008 Paris

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